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BBR Canine Chronicles

September 2023

Bottle Babies Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit foster based animal rescue that covers most of Southeast Michigan. We have fosters, adopters and supporters across Wayne, Washtenaw, Monroe, Livingston, Oakland, Lenawee counties and many more. We maintain a good relationship with many local municipalities, rescue pulling dogs and cats in immediate need when space allows. We have a continued special interest in neonate care, bottle feeding and providing critical care for the smallest of paws. We are part of a large transport network, bringing dogs from underprivileged areas where euthanasia rates are much higher and resources fewer.



Oscar 2

On August 12th we were called upon to assist with a very sad situation. This lad was found wandering the streets of Detroit and had taken refuge under a bush. Through a network of help he made his way to us. A friend of the rescue immediately jumped in to intake and assist the painstaking process of removing the years of matted hair with debris .We were only able to do what was tolerated by our new friend as he has many sores and wounds that were discovered causing him pain and discomfort. His body was shaved first, then his rear legs. He was then transferred to us where we were able to get some pain medication and sedatives into him to be able to shave his front legs so he could at least walk somewhat normal. His front legs had over 4 inches of matting around each one.

He then was taken on an urgent basis to see one of our vets for full sedation to shave his face and have his ear addressed. He had a very large mat containing what appeared to be blood and debris from a long neglected ear infection. He has small warty like growths in several places and also a heart murmur. His teeth also need some work. He handled the sedation for the remainder of the grooming without concern. He has been scheduled for a full make over, including neuter, removal of his growths and a dental. We have decided to name him Oscar in hopes of turning this Oscar the Grouch into a Oscar De La Hoya.

Oscar is not yet available for adoption but will be soon. We believe he is a Shih Tzu Mix and likely around 5 years old. He will be sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed.



Pro Element

Have you been searching for a way to help BBR and the amazing animals we rescue? Can’t foster in your home but would love to help? Have a passion for cats? Love to see the adoption process through and send them home on their final stop? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have the oppotunity you are looking for!

BBR does not have a shelter but we utilize the condos in three PetsMart stores (Dearborn, Monroe and Howell), covering most of SE Michigan. As part of our agreement with them, we need volunteers to help care for the cats in their 7-day condos. The volunteers in the store are responsible for basic husbandry, cleaning, interacting and enriching the cats and faciltating meet and greets with potential adopters. Once established as a volunteer you can even be trained to do adoption completions for approved adopters, seeing them through to the end. This is a wonderfully rewarding opportunity for many who love cats.

There is no set schedule for volunteering but most volunteers find it best to commit to one two hour shift once a week, although we only have a committment of three 2 hour shifts a month as a requirement. You must be 18+ to be in the store alone but families are permitted to help as long as parents/guardians are present making this a great after school give back volunteer opportunity.

Being an offsite foster in one of the PetsMart locations also opens the opportunity for assisting with other adoption events such as weekend events at other local stores, major adoption weekends like the Pet Expo and Mike Morse: Meet Your Best Friend at the Firm and many more.

If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities please feel free to email: or



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Hello! I am honored to be chosen Foster of the Month and pleasantly surprised. I feel like I am never doing enough. I started fostering when my first rescue, Little Lilly, (pictured with my adopted rescue, Hayleigh-now 2 y/o above), passed away at 13 years old last year. Lilly opened my heart (like the Grinch, “it grew 3 sizes that day”) to the plight of shelter animals when I adopted her at six months old from a small dog rescue in Los Angeles where I was living at the time. Lilly traveled with me everywhere, loved everybody she met, and became my resident therapy dog when I opened my private practice as a counselor ten years ago moving back to Michigan. I saw the effect on distressed clients with Lilly in the room, sleeping, chewing on a stick, greeting clients, sitting with them. Clients opened up much easier with Lilly in the room.

Just before Lilly passed away, she had a little sister, Hayleigh, a Labrador mix, who I adopted from another rescue after searching for two years. Unfortunately, Hayleigh grew too big to have in my office, sweet as she is, so I began to foster puppies and smaller dogs, hoping to find another Lilly therapy dog. I quickly realized that I couldn’t replace Lilly and bringing the foster pups into the office with me turned into a great opportunity for clients to meet different dogs and puppies, and the fosters to socialize and acclimate. Recently, a client adopted one of my fosters after meeting them and instantly fell in love and filled out an application. I was overjoyed as I saw what a bond and match happened in that moment. I keep Lilly’s bed in my office so when new clients come in, they ask if I have a dog, and I tell them I foster. They tell me excitedly that they the dog is welcome to attend their session.

People ask me how I can let my fosters leave and get adopted. It is difficult for sure to have them leave you after everyone in the house gets used to having them, including me. Yet, I realized through fostering that our pets pick us and when I see them greet their potential adopting families, I know the foster is here for this family. Fostering is very gratifying, a lot of work, a lot of time, and imminently rewarding. I wanted to do more than just contribute financially to rescues and be more a part of saving lives.

I don’t know how I found Bottle Babies Rescue, probably off their Facebook page, as I only use Facebook to keep up with rescues around my area. I think I was looking for a puppy and came across their site and filled out a foster application after Lilly died and I wanted a buddy for Hayleigh who was an active puppy. BBR is easy to work with, nonjudgmental, and responds quickly to issues and concerns. I used to travel for my work as a stand-up comedian, driving across the country, long distances, and at this point in my life, I did not want to drive long distances anymore. After I adopted Amelia (“Mille”, formerly Demi), a foster fail, from BBR in February of this year, I thought, well, I won’t have to drive 60 miles anymore to Plymouth, because I will not be able to foster three dogs. Well, that made me sad and didn’t happen because not only did I get used to driving the 60 miles to BBR for pick-ups, and adoptions, including the adopt events, but, now, I had to get a buddy for Millie who is a 50 pound tornado. Millie turned out to be a great sister for the fosters as she greets them first, plays with all of them and shows them how to use the doggie door.

As I am older at 61 years, I know my time is limited to have more pets of my own and as I age, fostering will keep me active and contributing to the welfare of these beautiful souls who deserve our help and caring with their journey here on earth.

Maria is a prime example of how to make fosters part of your every day life for enrichment of both their lives, but yours as well and in Maria’s case, her clients. The human-animal bond is real and a real source of delight for many. It’s a win-win for everyone.




Meet Arlow a sweet 9 month old Lab mix! Arlow is a very energetic and playful puppy of high energy. He LOVES to run around the yard with the other foster dogs in the home and play, play, play! Once inside he will plop down next to his person and chill. Arlow does love other dogs, however, because of his high play drive he can sometimes be a bit much and not give the other dogs a break. Because of this, we sometimes have to separate him from the other foster dogs so they can have some space. If he goes to a home with other dogs, we are recommending the dogs be of his size or larger, as he plays too rough with the little ones. However, he would need an experienced dog owner or to be the only dog in the home. Initially, he did resource guard in the foster home. Since getting comfortable that has mostly been eliminated. We feed him in his crate. He is crate trained and goes into his crate when his foster parents leave the home, as he seems to get some separation anxiety and can get into things. However, he stays out all night and sleeps on the couch for bedtime with no issues. He is potty trained, when on a schedule, he has had very few accidents in the home. Arlow does very well with the three young children in the home. However, he still has not learned his manners and likes to jump up, so a home with older children may be a better fit. He does know how to sit. Some training would be very beneficial for him. Some of the best things about Arlow are that he is a very big love suck and just wants all of your attention. He always has a wiggle butt and looks like he is smiling. He also really enjoys getting belly rubs, those are his favorite 😊. He just needs a little more training and patience. Overall, a very sweet boy looking for his forever home!

The adoption fee is $360.00. All animals are up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.

Due to the number of inquiries received from PetFinder and sites alike, we do not have the capacity to reply to them. If interested in adopting, please start by applying using this link: Adoption Application



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Natasha and her sister Yelena came to foster at only 6 ounces each. She has thrived with love and formula and now kitten food and is a happy go lucky plump little Acrobat. She loves to snuggle, hangs out with her foster dogs, and of course, her sister kitten. She eats well, uses the litter box perfectly, and loves to sleep in bed, snuggling and purring. She would be such a happy little addition to your home. Requires lots of petting and compliments.

Yelena like her sister Natasha is named after the amazing Advenger ladies and like her sister and them she is a little acrobat. Her three activities are eating, sleeping (preferably with a person ), and running through a tube toy. She is a happy go lucky kitten and would love to be part of your family. She has a bumpy little motor purr which starts as soon as she gets close to her humans or her foster dog siblings .

Natasha and Yelena have been available for quite some time (almost three months!). They’ve even had a couple failed meet and greets. They are very active kittens that are always on the go. They need sace to run and would love to stay together as they need the outlet of another active feline to wrestle and play with. They purr when you look at them but are not fond of being held because of their activity level so would do best with older children who would engage them in play and interact without holding them back. They will snuggle on the couch and be perfect companions, they just need the right home. If it could be you submit an application today!

You can currently find them at the PetsMart in Monroe (along with many other feline companions).

Interested in adopting? Submit an application here: Feline Adoption Application

Adoption Fee: Pair $250


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The witchy cat ladies of BBR unite! We have received an awesome invitation to bring all the mysterious and fun kittens to Moonlit Mystic LLC’s Witches be Witchin! We are super excited for this opportunity. Come join us on October 22nd. #WitchesBeWitchin2023 #WitchesBeWitchin #WitchinInWayne

FaceBook Event Link

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