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BBR Canine Chronicles

February 2023

Bottle Babies Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit foster based animal rescue that covers most of Southeast Michigan. We have fosters, adopters and supporters across Wayne, Washtenaw, Monroe, Livingston, Oakland, Lenawee counties and many more. We maintain a good relationship with many local municipalities, rescue pulling dogs and cats in immediate need when space allows. We have a continued special interest in neonate care, bottle feeding and providing critical care for the smallest of paws. We are part of a large transport network, bringing dogs from underprivileged areas where euthanasia rates are much higher and resources fewer.

BBR Mews

Adoption Slow Down

In the colder, winter months, we see a slow down in adoptions. This makes us slow down on intakes. Our fosters often times stay in their foster homes longer during this time of year. Any adoption is a win because it opens the door for us to help one more. We rely a lot on our social media outlets to find homes for our animals. Social media allows us to reach a larger number of potential adopters in a short period of time. So anytime you see an animal posted on any of our pages please continue to share!

Our Instagram has also underwent a revamp recently and there is new content there as well so if you don’t follow us there definitely be sure to! Also, if you have a BBR alum and are posting a picture, please tag us, you know we all love updates!

February is Pet Dental Month!

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Our furry friends dental health is just as important as our own. We often see significant and severe dental disease in our rescues. Because of this neglect we often put a lot of our medical funds into dental procedures. This can include dental radiographs and extractions in addition to basic cleanings.

You might be wondering how many teeth your dog or cat has, well here is the answer:

  • Dogs have 42 adult teeth and 28 deciduous (baby) teeth.
  • Cats have 30 adult teeth and 26 deciduous (baby) teeth.

Dental disease is one of the most costly preventative care for any pet. Starting your pet early with regular brushing is the key to keeping the oral cavity heathy. Not able to brush your pets teeth? No worries, there are plenty of alternatives, while not always as good as the physical act of brushing, there are other options. Working with your veterinarian to discuss the best options for you pet is your best bet. Having a yearly oral evaluation, dental radiographs and prophylaxis is recommended for most pets in adult hood. 

Here is some good information the American Animal Hospital Association:

February Foster of the Month

Brooke Jones and Family

Jones Family

Family picture- from left to right
Micah, Rhea, Nolan and Brooke 

What’s better than being with animals at the beginning of their lives?  I would say nothing- and that is one of the many reasons I have chosen to foster kittens and cats.  I have always loved animals and wish I could have more.  So fostering is the next best thing.  I have always wanted to be around animals and wish I could adopt them all!!

My family was definitely on board with fostering and even foster failing.  They could not wait to get a carrier full of kittens:)  We decided to foster kittens because we have separate room they can stay in while they are getting acclimated to us and our resident dog and cat.  

We have just had our 1 year Anniversary with BBR!!  We have had 5 groups of kittens with us and they have all moved on to their forever homes.  A few have even been adopted by my friends so I get regular updates:)   With every group we learn more and more about kittens. We truly enjoy taking care of them and seeing them grow and change.  

We truly believe that we are helping the kittens we foster and it is our job to socialize and take care of them so they are adopted and will be great additions to any home.  

BBR has been wonderful to foster with. Everyone that volunteers with them is amazing and very helpful.  

Brooke and her family have been an integral part of our ever expanding cat foster family. While it may seem like it’s a dog world we have been able to save over 300 cats in 2022 and it is because of families like Brooke’s that we are able to continue to do so. 


Dog Mom Lifestyles

I believe in a world where women allow themselves to put self-love at the top of their priorities.

Our dog’s are amazing at being present in the moment and help make this vision a reality. Dog Mom Lifestyles brings that pleasure to you too!

We donate $1.00 from each monthly box to the featured animal welfare group, so your purchase directly supports the rescue efforts you read about.

BBR is the rescue of the month for February!

Seeking Sponsors

We are actively seeking sponsors for many events and matching donors. If you are interested in becoming a business or corporate sponsor please email